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2015 03 14 22:40     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.93beta1 for IPCop 2.1.8 - 2.1.9

We are pleased to release the new Copfilter release with some updates and more fixes.

Great thanks to the team and Copfilter users for all tests,improvements and additions.



2014 11 16 11:05     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta6 for IPCop 2.1.7

This release completes the promised spamassassin 3rd Party rule updates

Great thanks goes to ShelbyGT500 for sorting out last issues before releasing.



2014 11 09 21:00     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta5 for IPCop 2.1.7

This is a security and bug fix release and it is recommended to update your system as soon as possible.

Great thanks goes to ShelbyGT500 for sorting out last issues before releasing.



2014 10 28 23:49     (by karesmakro)

IPCop 2.1.6 released today and it seems, that Copfilter is running well with it!

(Of course, you have to replace the squid binary with the Copfilter once, if you are using c-icap!)

An Copfilter update is following



2014 05 04 10:40     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta4


This is only a bug fix release to work with IPCop 2.1.5



2014 05 02 09:14     (by karesmakro)

IPCop 2.1.5 released


Important: please wait for Copfilter 2.1.92beta4, if you use c-icap because of squid update!



2014 04 14 21:20     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta3


This is a security release and adaptations, to work with IPCop 2.1.4

Please uninstall Copfilter, before you update to IPCop 2.1.4. Use the backup

and restore function from Copfilter setup_util -b (backup) -u (uninstall) -r (restore)



2014 04 03 22:15     (by karesmakro)


IPCop 2.1.3 released

Important: please wait for install instructions next days!

                 (Hint for c-icap user: it will run, if you restore the copfilter squid binary)



2014 03 14 23:55     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta2


Copfilter 2.1.92beta2 comes with many updates and bug fixes.


Important: if you plan to use copfilter on a fresh IPCop installation, it is important,

to create a folder in /var/log! e.g. mkdir /var/log/install and start your installation

from that directory, or you risk running out of space on your root partition!



2014 02 14 18:00     (by karesmakro)


Important note: please do not use the Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 release with IPCop 2.1.1!

It isn't compatible.


2013 08 03 19:15     (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.0.91beta4


Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 is an update and bugfix release, integrated with a flash installer (axs dot at),

were principal aim of this release was the stability and the package updates.

Big thanks to Severus, FischerM, ShelbyGT500 and all forum members for ideas, fixes and



Änderungen in Deutsch / Changes in english (thanks to FischerM)



2012 10 28 12.53      (by karesmakro)

IPCop 2.0.6 Update was published today, to fix the /var/log Symlink for flash installations.

For Copfilter Installations it applies to the post from yesterday: nothing to worry about



2012 10 27 21.23      (by karesmakro)

IPCop 2.0.5 Update was published today with just tzdata update and timezone correction.

There is nothing to worry about with your Copfilter installation!



2012 02 19 11:48       (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.0.91beta3


Please note the install instruction as described in Copfilter 2.0.91beta2 below!


Copfilter 2.0.91beta3 comes with small fixes.

Main reason to upload this new release was, to fix the failed squid binary backup on replacing with icap's one.

There was also added a short first step instruction at the end of the Copfilter installation (Thanks to FischerM)

  • fixed the timing for loading the firewall rules after boot process (thanks to Falconcrest for reporting)
  • fixed Squid binary backup problem in setup_util (thanks to Falconcrest for reporting)
  • fixed monit and proxsmtpd problem and remove existing pidfile on startup
  • added a first step instruction after copfilter installation (thanks to FischerM)

If you have already installed Copfilter 2.0.91beta2, download this fix and install

md5sum: 450b69cc14b50dedba5fea7b22dc0e3d




2012 02 14 21:29      (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.0.91beta2


Copfilter 2.0.91beta2 was mainly prepared, to run with IPCop 2.0.3.
There was added some new options to C-ICAP and updated some perl modules.


If you plan to update from previous copfilter release and update your IPCop to 2.0.3, you should at first

create a backup of your Copfilter settings. After them uninstall Copfilter, ugprade IPCop to 2.0.3 and then

install Copfilter 2.0.91beta2. Reboot your IPCop, afterwards restore your Copfilter settings, check or change

your settings and restart all services on Copfilter status page.


For C-ICAP users, you should know that you have to install the C-ICAP integrated squid binary again,

because of a squid update. You have to enable C-ICAP explicit, because of some new options are avaliable.


  • C-ICAP SVN 836
  • sqlite 3.7.10
  • PHP 5.3.10
  • updated french langs (thanks to ShelbyGT500)
  • fixed well known fpscand problem in copfilter_antivirus.cgi (thanks to FischerM)
  • added database info option for mail body/header in antivirus gui (thanks to Severus)
  • extended/reworked C-ICAP Selftest



2012 01 13 22:05    (by karesmakro)

PHP 5.3.9 Security fix


Because there released a new PHP version with security fixes, closed 90 bugs and Copfilter v2 is still

using the last supported PHP 5.2.x version, a migration to 5.3.x has taken place.

Please download and install the security fix for Copfilter v1 & Copfilter v2



2012 01 07 20:22   (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.0.91beta1


Copfilter 2.0.91beta1 comes with some new improvements, new addons, a revised gui, revised shell output

and in additional some bugs has been fixed.

The most important change is the new integrated C-ICAP filter, which comes with a virus filter and an

urlfilter for HTTP traffic. Note: The C-ICAP URL-Filter is no replacement for the SquidGuard based URL-Filter,

integrated in future IPCop versions!

It is recommended, to read the C-ICAP URL Filter HowTo on the footer in C-ICAP gui settings, which also

contains an illustrated description.
Spamassassin now use the shortcircuit function for black- and whitlist handling

In additional, the most popular 3rd Party sigs from Severus has been integrated.

If you plan an update from previous copfilter release, please deactivate monit before uninstall previous Copfilter release!
After new Copfilter install, reboot your IPCop machine for taking changes in effect (this is especially needed for

Imspector users)!

ClamAV Antivirus databases are downloaded during the installation.


The disabling of the local anti-virus scanner is no longer necessary because the test virus is now encrypted!


  • C-ICAP SVN 834 Virus- and URLFilter
  • ClamAV 3rd Party Sigs from Severus
  • adjustments to the for C-ICAP log file analyses
  • Privoxy 3.1.19
  • Monit 5.3.2
  • changed the Copfilter used squid port 800 to regular IPCop port 8080
  • not use PATH in setup_util to generate .profile, which is a problem in the new Copfilter installation without
    rebooting IPCop
  • added sendEmail 1.56 version (thanks to andydld from copfilter forum)
  • added new language files (thanks to FischerM)
  • added french C-ICAP templates (thanks to ShelbyGT500 from copfilter forum)
  • libiconv 1.14
  • Berkeley DB 5.2.36
  • SQLite-3.7.8
  • removed SQLite-2.7.x
  • added reload function to spamd for ruleset updates
  • added fields to SMTP Filter gui, to set your own ports (internal and external)
  • added spamassassin's short circuit function
  • all copfilter startup scripts got a third status output (ON, OFF, NOT ACTIVATED)
  • fixed wrong update time for clamd and f-prot (reported by Kermit2)
  • added missing rm command, to remove the test.txt in tmp path



2011 11 19 09:59  (by karesmakro)

IPCop 2.0.2 release notes


There were no problems detected with Copfilter 2.0.90 + Update

If you want to perform a fresh IPCop 2.0.2 with Copfilter install, first install Copfilter 2.0.90 and afterwards

install the Copfilter 2.0.x update, before starting any service.



2011 11 13 11:30 (by karesmakro)

Released Copfilter 2.0.90 - IPCop-2.0.x Update


This Copfilter update makes services compatible with IPCop-2.0.x, and fixes
all bugs found so far. There is no new version number, because it is planned to release a new version, shortly.


There was reportet a segmentation fault, using proxsmtp 1.10 (Thanks to balooh for reporting)!
A downgrad to proxsmtp 1.8 was performed and uploaded again!

If you already installed the update, follow the instruction on Copfilter Wiki, to fix it.



2011 11 08 20:54 (by karesmakro)

Important: Please do not install IPCop 2.0.1 update, if you are using Copfilter 2.0.90 at this moment!

An update and instructions to use will be published soon


If you did not noticed this warning, there exists a "fastfix" in Copfilter Forum, to update affected services!



2011 09 24 20:00 (by FischerM)

We proudly announce: English Copfilter WiKi is Online



2011 08 14 17:49 (by karesmakro)

Released copfilter-0.85.3beta4


I'm pleased to anounce a new Copfilter v1 release with some new features.
Copfilter 0.85.3beta4 comes with the full integration of Imspector, both in the GUI, as well as

protocol extensions have been entered.
It was also the security of some individual addons revised. In addition, there are a few optical improvements.
An extra biscuit goes to FischerM, who helped me, to sort out all errors, langs and tests and of course all

forum users for reporting!



2011 05 29 20:30 (by karesmakro)

Uploaded release again, because I missed to remove my private code in one of a script! Sorry for that!

I spent HAVP a new feature, using tmpfs mode, to run HAVP in memory! This option can be activated on

HTTP Filter GUI by enable "HAVP Scanner to run in Memory" .



2011 05 29 12:32 (by karesmakro)

Released copfilter-2.0.90


I want to announce next Copfilter release!

Copfilter 2.0.90 comes with some security improvements for services, small fixes and imspector improvements.
Services which was running as root in earlier versions, got dropped privileges. IPCop's menu handling is now
fully integrated. Imspector gui was revised and there was added the sqlite responder plugin, to advice
user that an IM logger is active.

Please reboot your IPCop machine, if you are using imspector and upgrading copfilter from a previous version!


It is planned, to integrate v2 improvements, fixes and enhancements in Copfilter v1, to get same release state as a next step!



2011 04 19 22:12 (by karesmakro)

Released copfilter-2.0.90beta6


I'm pleased to announce next Copfilter release, which is running with IPCop 1.9.19 now. 2.0.90beta6 is mostly a bugfix release with some small changes to imspector gui settings and a new clamav virus statistic overview page for example. Read more in the Changelog.

Please report bugs on Copfilter Forum, use Copfilter SourceForge Project Page, or write a mail to karesmakro [at] copfilter [dot] org

If you make an update from previous copfilter release, please reboot your IPCop machine for taking changes in effect!


Thanks to all forum users for your help, tests and ideas! (will be more completed next days)



2011 04 06 22:43 (by karesmakro)

Today released IPCop 1.9.19 and it's necassary to prepare next Copfilter v2 release, which should be 2.0.90beta6!

Release notes: Copfilter 2.0.90beta4/5 and HAVP/Squid settings are not compatible with IPCop 1.9.19, because squid version changed from 2.7.x to 3.1.11, were some adjustments are necessary! Please wait for next Copfilter Release, which you'll find soon on SF



2011 01 23 11:52 (by karesmakro)

Released copfilter-2.0.90beta4


(this is the first post by karesmakro)

I'm not a man of big words, but I want to introduce myself. I'm an around the clock admin who supports companies with their system- and network environments and also assembles/installs their servers (all in Linux). Since I benefit much from open source software (knowledge), I want to give something back to the community. That's why the Copfilter project became my hobby. 


As Markus already mentioned, I was working on a copfilter release for upcoming IPCop v2 version and I think it is stable enough now and ready for publishing. I want to say thanks to Markus for his confidence and his effort in me and I will try to keep this project in honor of!


My special thanks goes also to Severus and FischerM (and all that were not listed here) from the copfilter forum, who supported Copfilter over the long years with their effort and improvements to this piece of software and who helped to keep this project alive!



Note: The copfilter-2.0.90beta4 Version is only a prerelease, until IPCop 2.0 stable has been published!



2010 12 21 23:40 (by Markus)

Released copfilter-0.85.2


  • removed the "score FH_DATE_PAST_20XX 0.0" entry in (is fixed in SA 3.3.1)
  • activated SA plugin "Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::AWL"
  • removed the ! on line 578 in setup_util
  • replaced my perl_modules with the ones from kares spamassassin package (they were more complete)



2010 12 21 20:30 (by Markus)

Since I do not use Copfilter anymore personally, I have decided to stop most of my active work with Copfilter.

But no worries, I will slowly handover the future Copfilter development to karesmakro, granting him full access to the sourceforge project as well as to this Website/Wiki/Forum. Kare has provided the Copfilter community with frequent updates - like ClamAV and he is currently working on a version for the next IPCop release. I will still be around as a project maintainer by providing/maintaining all the infrastructure (Wiki, Forum, Website), maybe some parts of Copfilter and by having a voice whenever major design decisions are to be made.


2010 12 15 17:55

added a flattr button to the website to allow micro-payments


2010 12 04 23:22 

copfilter-0.85 still has a problem with some perl modules, so for example bayes training via imap is not working correctly. We are working on a fix. copfilter-0.84beta4 does not have this problem.


2010 12 04 11:04
A new release ready: copfilter-0.85.tgz
Major changes:

  • update: clamav 0.96.5
  • update: monit 5.2.3
  • update: imspector 0.9
  • added missing perl modules from 0.84beta5


2010 11 26 22:13
This website has been overdue for a redesign.

My brother Tyron - - created the new website, and his wife Irena the new design. Thanks Tyron and Irena, you did a great job!


2010 11 26 09:09 

On the 27th of November I will have a presentation of Copfilter at the Linux Day at the HTL Dornbirn. Whoever wishes to attend is most welcome. The presentation will take place in the main hall at noon. I also have booth there, it is called Simple IT which is the name of my business. 

2010 11 25 20:40 
Believe it or not, there is a new release ready: copfilter-0.84beta5.tgz :-) 
Lots of thanks to karesmakro, FischerM, severus and all others who kept this project alive. 
Major changes:

  • update: clamav 0.96.4 and updated config
  • update: spamassassin 3.3.1 and updated config
  • update: privoxy 3.0.17 and updated config
  • update: havp 0.92a and updated config
  • update: compiled newest perl modules
  • update: updated sendEmail to 1.56
  • fix: added karesmakro copfilter_ip_conn_fix.tar.gz fix to "config_fwrules" section of /etc/rc.d/init.d/copfilter_proxsmtpd (20100627) (were a user from copfilter forum found the solution - sorry I do not remember)
  • fix: added karesmakro copfilter_status_cgi_fix.tar.gz fix (20100114)
  • fix: added karesmakro mailscanner_modified.tar.gz fix (solving some problems with multiple mail senders) (ver 20100420)
  • fix: added karesmakro send_q_mail_virus_fix.tar.gz (ver 20100107)
  • fix: added karesmakro copfilter_lang_patch.tar.gz (ver 20090305)
  • fix: added karesmakro p3scan webgui cgi fix, so that page stops loading when starting p3scan (wow!)
  • fix: added karesmakro p3scan fix p3scan_orange_fix.tar.gz (ver 20091227), but leaving 995 firewall rules intact
  • fix: added "ftp_sanitycheck off" to squid.cond and proxy.cgi - copfilter wiki 9. "Privoxy inactive after clearing squid cache"

2010 02 15 19:35 
FischerM created most of the content of the new official copfilter wiki! Thanks! 

2009 12 09 15:52 
The new official copfilter forum is online. Unfortunately all old data is lost. Since I am now maintaing the forum myself, this should not happen again. I will soon start working on an updated copfilter version. 

2009 12 09 14:39 
Unfortunately all data from the copfilter forum is lost. I will now setup and maintain my own forum to ensure that this does not happen again. Will post here as soon as the forum is ready. 

2009 12 03 17:37 
The copfilter forum is down and I cannot tell what happened or when it will be up again. Maybe all forum data is lost. I will post more as soon as I have figured it out. 

2009 03 04 09:58 
Please use this patch from forum user karesmakro to fix a bug where the main ipcop page will not show the ipcop hostname and ip address after installing copfilter-0.84beta4.tgz. 

2009 02 28 16:51 
Finally the new release is ready: copfilter-0.84beta4.tgz 
Thanks to all forum users who reported the numerous bugs, who sent me patches and translations and who tested the new release 
Major changes:

  • update: clamav 0.94.2
  • update: proxsmtp 1.8
  • update: monit 4.10.1
  • update: php 4.4.9
  • update: ripmime
  • update: spamassassin 3.2.5
  • update: havp 0.89
  • update: dcc 1.3.102
  • update: imspector 0.8
  • update: privoxy 3.0.10
  • update: rsync 3.0.5
  • update: altermime 0.3.10
  • new: compatibility with fprot 6
  • fix: imap login procedure
  • fixed various bugs as reported by users on the forum (see CHANGELOG)
  • implemented various patches sent by users from the forum
  • using new method to downlaod new antispam/antivirus signatures
  • translation fixes: es, de, en

2009 02 03 11:10 
The next version will be released shortly (it could only be test version though and will only contain software updates). Development will continue around the middle of this year. 

2008 07 08 07:22 
It has been a very long time since the last update. This is because I was very busy with the university I am attending. My studies are not over yet, but since a few copfilter users asked on how they could speed up the development and also made some donations, I now feel even more obligated to at least update the included programs. So its time to tell you that I am indeed working on a new version (with the great help of some copfilter forum users) with the latest program updates. No date yet, but it will be available as soon as it is finished. 

2007 11 11 2:06 
released copfilter-0.84beta3a.tgz

  • update: sendEmail 1.55
  • small update from jens

2007 11 09 12:25 
sorry for the long delay! .. as a goodie i now included imspector :) 
released copfilter-0.84beta3.tgz (please read the CHANGELOG for more details)

  • update: clamav 0.91.2
  • update: php 4.4.7
  • update: ripmime
  • update: spamassassin 3.2.3
  • update: razor 2.84
  • update: dcc 1.3.64
  • change: removed rules_du_jour, using sa-update channels instead
  • varios fixes from jens mickerts: cleanup script, spam_mail_daily_digest,, free disk space checking, and more, .. thanks!
  • varios changes according to suggestions from the forum
  • added imspector 0.3 (instant messaging logging, testing, without webgui), .. enjoy ;-) (see CHANGELOG on how to test it)
  • translation: updated french translation (forum user leso)

2007 09 11 16:29 has been successfully transfered to my new web hoster and is now back up again 

2007 09 10 11:42 is offline (after 7 years my old PP200 broke down), will transfer to an internet web hoster, 
i setup this temporary site ( in the meantime until the the domain has been transferred 

2007 06 17 11:42 
the forum is working again :) 

2007 06 13 13:27 
unfortunately the copfilter forum is currently offline, 
the web server machine crashed :( .. jens is working on the repairs 

2007 04 21 20:27 
released copfilter-0.84beta2.tgz

  • update: clamav 0.90.2
  • update: havp 0.86 (fixes some http browsing problems - squid Transfer-Encoding)
  • fix: proxsmtp and others logging working again (runs as syslogd user now)
  • fix: fixed netset problem in combination with imap bayes spam learning - thx skaplin
  • fix: changed order of restart all services in status page (privoxy after havp) - thx severus
  • fix: fixed permissions of bayes.mutex - thx aneubau

2007 04 19 20:15 
will release a new version with clamav 0.90.2 and havp 0.86 very soon 

2007 04 03 19:47 
first of all, a big excuse for the long delay, but because almost all critical programs where updated, 
i wanted to make sure that the package was working fine before releasing it, please do file bugs 
in the forum if you find any, i would like to change this beta version to a stable one soon :-) 

released copfilter-0.84beta1.tgz

  • update: clamav 0.90.1
  • update: havp 0.85
  • update: proxsmtp 1.6
  • update: spamassassin 3.1.8
  • update: monit 4.9
  • update: rules_du_jour 1.30
  • update: renattach 1.2.4
  • update: privoxy 3.0.6
  • update: dcc 1.3.55
  • update: php 4.4.6
  • update: changed max children forks of spamd from 2 to 4 in /etc/rc.d/init.d/copfilter_spamd
  • update: changed sa-learn, now instead of a "." a "o" is shown as a progress indicator
  • new: colon is now allowed in the smtp host in email settings in order to define alternate port number
  • fix: fixes from various copfilter forum users (see the bugs section in the forum or CHANGELOG for the details), most important ones are mentioned below
  • fix: fix in cron.daily (it could hang) - thx DaPinky
  • fix: IMAP Buffer increase (it could hang) - thx evilzenscientist
  • fix: deleting a huge amount of mails from the spam quarantine is now possible - thx mdages
  • fix: proxsmtp/tmp could get filled up without removal of old files - thx Alevizos Dimitrios
  • new: ability to sort spam quarantine by columns (ex. by score level) - thx taurus

2007 02 19 00:30 
just got an email from jens mickerts stating that clamav 0.90 got released, 
today evening I'll start re-compiling all programs, so expect an update in a week or two :-) 

2006 12 07 11:14 
will relase a new updated copfilter version when clamav 0.90 gets released! 

2006 08 28 11:14 
released copfilter-0.83beta3a.tgz 
fixed sa-learn permissions (bayes imap spam training wasn't working) 

2006 08 15 13:47 
released copfilter-0.83beta3.tgz

  • update: clamav 0.88.4
  • update: havp 0.82
  • update: proxsmtp 1.4
  • update: spamassassin 3.1.4
  • update: dcc 1.3.42
  • update: php 4.4.3
  • fix: faster outgoing whitelist handling
  • fix: whitelist cleaning, double and obsolete entries (when using wildcard domains) are now removed @midnight
  • fix: minor bugs reported in the forum
  • fix: patch from forum user sklink to use secure temp files (mktemp)
  • fix: when using full version of AVG, mails were not correctly sent

2006 07 11 22:07 
released copfilter-0.83beta2.tgz

  • update: clamav 0.88.3
  • update: added new german translation from
  • fix: gets autogenerated, so virus scanners won't detected eicar in copfilter file
  • fix: sa-learn had wrong permissions, which caused imap spam scanning script to fail
  • fix: readded "copfilter scanned" body text "disclaimer" for those who want it
  • fix: deactivating all options in http webpage wasn't possible anymore
  • fix: set clamav option ArchiveMaxCompressionRatio to 300, a legitimate download wasn't working correctly without
  • fix: typo in german translation instelliert
  • fix: havp statistics (new havp version has different log format)
  • fix: changed backup script to include havp whitelist and blacklist
  • fix: spam statistics (new spamassassin version uses new log format, old logs from backup will be displayed wrong)
  • fix: "update fprot" button in antivirus page
  • fix: sa-learn permission denied problem when executing imap spam learning
  • bug: still some issues if german version is used

2006 06 27 23:24 
Download is working again, released copfilter-0.83beta1a.tgz 
This version doens't yet have the newest german translation from computerjockey, next version will include it. 
Thanks for the feedback, via email and forum !! Keep 'em coming :-)

  • fix: spam statistics - new spamassassin version uses new log format, old logs from backup will be displayed wrong
  • fix: update fprot button wasn't working
  • fix: sa-learn had wrong permissions, which caused imap spam scanning script to fail

2006 06 26 20:20 
Download has been temp. suspended, due to a problem found, please look back in 24h 

2006 06 26 02:40 
released copfilter-0.83beta1.tgz 
This is a beta release, almost all software has been updated and a lot of 
changes and fixes have been done. Nevertheless, new problems might be possible. 
Please report any problems in the copfilter forum. I'm currently in my final exams 
this semester (3 more weeks), so please be patient for the fixes (and greylisting). 
Thanks and enjoy testing :-)))

  • update: havp 0.81
  • update: razor-agents 2.82
  • update: spamassassin 3.1.3
  • update: dcc 1.3.36
  • update: monit 4.8.1
  • update: clamav 0.88.2
  • update: renattach 1.2.3
  • update: ripMIME
  • update: alterMIME 0.3.7
  • update: rules_du_jour 1.28
  • fix: removed sanitize option, since it corrupted image attachments
  • fix: whitelist handling (some email addresses where entered more than once)
  • fix: not add an email address to whitelist, if email is an internal autoreply (out-off-the office or mail delivery notification)
  • fix: webgui: phishing option was still on, when turned off
  • fix: all instances of smtpclient where now replaced with sendEmail
  • fix: outgoing emails are now NATed with the red ip alias, instead of redip, thanks to copfilter forum user Sunday
  • fix: fixed relativ path issue if ./setup_util was called with -f ../XXX
  • fix: whitelist handling now works with *@domain.tld
  • fix: bayes scores in antispam page where not working
  • fix: added a check, where havp and frox will only use a virus scanner, if that virus scanners daemon is up and running
  • fix: wrong netmask was set in copfilter_proxsmtpd, thanks to copfilter forum user flavio, netmask can now also be set in webgui
  • new: !!!! support for AVG virus scanner in all protocols, with easy ./setup_util -avg installation option !!
  • new: smtp option of using 550 instead of 250 when discarding messages
  • new: allow incoming email only from one ip address
  • new: new options automatically get aded to global_settings, after a restore, no setup_util -d necessary anymore
  • new: added patch to count # of spams and virus emails in quarantine
  • new: added header to incoming email to allow spamassassin to correctly do SPF checking thanks to copfilter forum user paul for this!
  • new: havp now uses clamav daemon instead of clamav libraries
  • new: smtp mailforwarding is now possible to any port (configurable in webgui)

2006 06 21 00:33 
work is still in progress, expect the next version to have all software 
updated, i'm now also fixing the last bugs i know of and will 
then release a beta version, i'm not giving an any exact date anymore 
as i couldn't keep my last (next week..) promise 

2006 05 10 21:28 
a lot of people are asking when the next version will be released: 
sorry for long delay, but real life has been keeping me very busy 
no question, next version will include clamav 0.88.2, 
will do my best to get it ready by next week! 

2006 04 10 01:24 
will release a new version with havp 0.79 and clamav 0.88.1 soon 
there will also be a small suprise :-) 

2006 03 14 14:37 
released copfilter-0.82.1.tgz

  • update: php 4.4.2
  • update: havp 0.78 (important fixes)
  • fix: spam statistic bug (stats were displayed for all months instead of month for current year)
  • fix: frox was disabled if spamassassin was disabled (thanks Dayne for finding this bug)
  • new: added new option to Antivirus webgui page to enable detection for additional phishing websites
  • new: added last year, last month to HAVP statistic
  • new (by Jens): bayes scoring configurable in webgui, from Jens Mickerts - Thanks!
  • new (by Jens): whitelist/blacklist handling greatly improved (now faster!)
  • new (by Jens): spam digest email now also contains the subject of the original email
  • new (by Jens): out of the office reply emails (exchange and notes) sender addresses are now NOT added to the whitelist

2006 03 08 15:00 
updated website:

  • support section: added 2 links for commercial support
  • documentation section: added a link for a Copfilter tutorial

2006 01 15 19:46 
released copfilter-0.82.tgz

  • update: havp 0.76
  • update: clamav 0.88
  • update: README.pdf documentation updated by Christian (thanks!)
  • new: added -y support to install and setup_util scripts (answer question with yes)

2006 01 11 10:45 
will work on an update which will include havp 0.76 and clamav 0.88 

2005 11 18 22:55 
released copfilter-0.81.9.tgz

  • update: havp 0.74
  • fix: proxsmtpd crashes (please report any further proxsmtpd segmentation faults)

2005 11 09 01:54 
released copfilter-0.81.8.tgz

  • update: clamav 0.87.1 (security fixes)
  • fix: automatic rules_du_jour updating now working

2005 11 02 10:30 
released copfilter-0.81.7.tgz

  • update: proxsmtp 1.3 (should fix some crashes)
  • update: havp 0.73 (improved performance)
  • update: php 4.4.1 (fixes security flaws)
  • update: french translation from Jean Pierre Bargheon
  • new: dayne lucas sponsered a fprot mailscanner version, so thats now installable through setup_util -f

2005 09 27 02:09 
Today my studies at a local university will begin (in 6h 51min 8-) which will mean that I can't dedicate 
all of my spare time to Copfilter anymore, my responses to the forum or via email could also take a bit 
longer than usual :-(   BUT of course I will still try to do my best 
for example currently I'm trying to to implement greylisting and hopefully resolve these bugs soon 
Even though development, bug resolving and responses etc might eventually become slower 
I will still go on with Copfilter :-)) 

2005 09 26 19:46 
released copfilter-0.81.6.tgz 
fixed p3scan file error problem introduced with 0.81.5 

2005 09 26 02:35 
released copfilter-0.81.5.tgz 
update to p3scan 2.2.1 

2005 09 25 03:25 
released copfilter-0.81.4.tgz

  • fix: changed MaxConnections in proxsmtpd.conf from 24 to 48
  • fix: ftp downoad was not working when proxy settings were being used (forum)
  • fix: fixed white/black lists - the entries with a * where not recognized
  • fix: separated pop3 spam quarantine spam notification messages (forum)
  • fix: havp statistics, when squid logging was disabled (forum)
  • fix: p3scan crashes, disabled disk checking feature
  • update: updated sendEmail version to 1.52 (forum)
  • translation: added polish translation - thanks to ramiro pinto

2005 09 24 16:05
updated documentation and donations page, 
new copfilter version will be published soon fixing the bugs reported in the forum 

2005 09 17 18:19
released copfilter-0.81.3.tgz 
new p3scan disabled POP3 command TOP per default, now enabled again 

2005 09 17 02:58
released copfilter-0.81.2.tgz 
fixed VERSION variable in global_settings when restoring from an old version 
had upload problems with version 0.81.1, so renamed it to 0.81.2 

2005 09 16 23:55
released copfilter-0.81.tgz

  • fix: setup_util -f when fprot archive was in /tmp
  • fix: adding recipients email address to whitelist was not working in certain cases
  • fix: havp version information
  • update: p3scan 2.2 (now stable)
  • update: clamav-0.87
  • update: havp-0.70

2005 09 16 01:09
released copfilter-0.80.tgz

  • change from beta to stable
  • bug: havp reports version 0.67 but 0.69 is included in copfilter !! will be fixed in next version
  • fix: frox detected every ftp download as a VIRUS if fprot was not installed, fixed !
  • fix: dead spam links in quarantine view
  • fix: p3scan abort (child with pid 10079 died with abnormal termsignal), fixed !
  • fix: p3scan trickling, now works for both server AND client
  • fix: various fixes from bugs which were reported in the copfilter forum
  • update: secured havp to detect even more viruses (1MB) 
        virus files greater than 25k were not detected in former versions
  • update: turned XClient off in ProxSMTP
  • update: minor documentation updates
  • update: uninstall now warns that all settings will be lost
  • update: backup now includes log files and bayes database
  • update: fprot now has to be installed manually
  • update: webgui now has its own tab
  • update: webgui ability to manually stop/start a service
  • update: webgui simplified configuration, service restart is now automatic when clicking on "save settings"
  • update: new and improved spamassassin rulesets, plugins and DNS Blocklists, better spam detection
  • new: added iXhash to spamassassin (similar to DCC from the well-known german it-magazine iX)
  • new: added pop3 ssl support (client to copfilter cleartext, copfilter to pop3 server encrypted)
  • new: statistics for havp, antivirus(text, graphical) and antispam(text,html)
  • new: added a daily user spam digest email notification (requested by dayne lucas)
  • new: added privoxy rules from neilvandyke
  • new: havp 0.69 (keepbackbuffer,trickling,maxscansize)
  • new: added a section for privoxy whitelisting
  • translations: updated spanish translation (thanks to antonio!)

2005 09 12 23:13
if fprot is not installed, beta11 will detect every ftp download as a virus 
this bug is fixed in the next version, which will be released in the next few days 

2005 09 02 01:40
released copfilter-0.1.0beta11.tgz

  • fix: proxsmtpd always being monitored
  • fix: p3scan timeout issues if spam and virus quarantine mode was enabled
  • fix: email address was added more than once to whitelist in quarantine view
  • fix: blacklisting is now working again
  • fix: wrong logging when sending testviruses (thanks to copfilter forum user "alphenit")
  • update: changed webgui descriptions
  • update: improved spam quarantine view: better overview, delete option
  • update: improved virus quarantine view: show virus name, better overview, delete option
  • update: changed name of some log files
  • update: proxsmptd, renattach and p3scan now log into own log files (instead of syslog)
  • new: p3scan version with scanner_type=bash, all virus notifications now look the alike
  • new: havp 0.68 (domain whitelisting, not in webgui but in /root/copfilter/opt/havp/etc/whitelist)
  • new: basic clamav statistics about found viruses
  • translations: added dutch translation (thanks John Poussart!)
  • translations: added spanish translation (thanks Antonio!)

2005 08 31 00:17
thanks to dayne for letting me reproduce the pop3 quarantine bug on his ipcop machine, 
i was now able to fix this bug: 
download this new version of [EDIT:2005 09 01 fixed it again] 
(only for copfilter-0.1.0beta10a.tgz and put it into your 
/root/copfilter/opt/tools/bin directory, don't forget to "chmod 755" 

NEW:Do not use the sanitize function in copfilter, CRC errors in attachments are possible, 
(only in non-rfc compliant mime-attachments. The developer of p3pmail is already working 
on a fix, thanks to all copfilter forum users who reported this 

2005 08 29 01:13
copfilter-0.1.0beta10a.tgz contains a bug in pop3 quaranting(timeouts), 
please do not use pop3 quaranting it until it has been fixed 
if you update to ipcop 1.4.8, the crontab entries will be lost, please either reinstall copfilter or 
stop all services (for i in /etc/rc.d/init.d/*;do $i stop;done) and execute setup_util -i 

2005 08 24 21:29
released copfilter-0.1.0beta10a.tgz     minor change: web proxy now 
starts automatically if http virus scanning has been enabled 

2005 08 24 02:09
released copfilter-0.1.0beta10.tgz

  • fix: bad attachment scanning was not working
  • fix: rules_du_jour was not working (update to 1.21)
  • fix: clamav debug mode in clamd init script
  • new: option to block encrypted archives
  • new: email remote commands to add/remove email addresses to/from whitelist
  • new: virus and spam quaranting,
  • new: resending quarantined emails (option to add to whitelist while sending)
  • new: red ip alias support (untested)
  • new: spamassassin bayesian learner via IMAP mailbox
  • update: webgui (almost all sections)
  • update: HAVP 0.66 (only 4 havp processes running now + bugfixes)
  • update: HAVP 0.67 (config file, new templates)
  • update: P3Scan 2.1.99-01dev (scanner timeout implemented, now includes 
    p3scan-2.1-erase.patch.gz and p3scan-2.1-malform.patch.gz

Please report success or any problems regarding "red ip alias support" 
to the Copfilter forum or to copfilter at gmx dot net - Thanks ! 

2005 08 04 05:29
released copfilter-0.1.0beta9.tgz fixes a bug with proxsmtp when sending large attachments 

2005 08 03 23:48 
released copfilter-0.1.0beta8b.tgz to REALLY fix frox and other services using 100% CPU
should also fix p3scan exiting.. with errors like "File Error! Could not erase _virusdirectory_..." 

2005 08 03 10:11 
released copfilter-0.1.0beta8a.tgz to fix frox and other services using 100% CPU 

2005 08 02 01:23 
released copfilter-0.1.0beta8.tgz